Oil Diffusers: Cleaning & Maintenance

Oil Diffusers Cleaning & Maintenance

Essential oil diffusers are a great way to bring the magic of aromatherapy to your home, workplace, or small business. Depending on the oils you use, the room where you position the diffuser will help create a space for relaxation, thoughtfulness, or invigoration. 

However, as with any other unit, the diffuser requires routine servicing to ensure that it stays in good working order. Luckily, the diffuser cleaning process is fast and easy. Follow the steps below, and you’ll soon be back to enjoy all the benefits that essential oils offer to your life.

Unplug the diffuser.

Leaving your diffuser plugged in while cleaning puts you at risk of electrocution, and you will finally flush out any oil left in the system when you start cleaning. The following guidelines include steps that enable the diffuser to be on; make sure that you plug in the diffuser only as required for the cleaning procedure. Where possible, clean the diffuser until it has naturally run out of oil, as this would mean that you dispose of as little oil as possible.

Fill the diffuser with clean water.

The water’s cleanliness is of the highest significance since you do not want any toxic elements to remain in your diffuser and become part of the condensed vapor. While filtered water is preferred here, tap water works fine in a pinch. Make sure you don’t fill your diffuser past the filling line, as this can hinder your diffuser’s capacity to cycle the liquid properly.

Add pure white vinegar to the water.

Ten drops of vinegar are usually enough to make a pure and efficient cleaning solution. Though water will extract particles from the inside on its own, vinegar is needed to remove any remaining oil trapped on the walls. Or, we also suggest our Klenzor Diffuser Cleaning Tablets to ensure that they are thoroughly safe.

Swab and scrub the right spots.

If your diffuser comes with a cleaning brush, it’s time to use it. If not, a cotton swab will perform very well, too. Anyway, make sure to dip your cleaning instrument in vinegar or a little orange essential oil to help you hack through the deposits that might remain in the corners of the diffuser. Dry the inside of your diffuser before proceeding to the next move.

Run it and rinse.

You need to get a little clean water; then again, make sure you don’t fill the diffuser past its filling line. Allow the diffuser to run for three minutes, then empty and dry.

Wipe it dry.

A clean, dry cloth is suitable for most parts of the diffuser, but you will need to break down the cotton swabs again to make it harder to access the areas. Allow the diffuser time to dry the air to make sure the inside is dry before applying some fresh oil.

A Quick Overview on Troubleshooting An Oil Diffuser

Even with routine maintenance, you can experience times when your diffuser malfunctions or operates below optimal performance. While cleaning your computer is a solution to many of these problems, it can not always be a trick. Here are a few fundamental issues, along with the action you should take to solve them.

Issue: Water overheating in the diffuser

Water overheating is also exacerbated by the diffuser being too packed. If this is the case, empty your diffuser, unplug it, and let it cool before filling it in the correct amount. If it does not restart after doing so, the diffuser may have been affected by overfilling and may require a restoration or replacement by a new one.

If the water in it is overheating even when the water volume is not excessive, there could be problems with the fan’s intake. Be sure that nothing obstructs the fan and that the fan blades are free of any particles that can block their proper functions and operations. Unplug your diffuser and allow it to cool down before you turn it back on.

Issue: Poor mist output

If both water level and mist settings are correct, the problem could be a blocked ventilator inlet. Cleaning the passage should be part of any daily maintenance of the diffuser, as dried oils can prevent proper diffusion.

Issue: Indicator lights flashing and diffuser malfunction

While this sometimes means a fault that needs a skilled fix, often you will get your diffuser to work again only by “reset” it. Unplug your diffuser, clean it, and allow it to cool down until you fill it back to the correct level and plug it back in. If it still refuses to start, check the repair directions for your owner’s manual.

Manufacturers recommend cleaning the water bottle, the water level sensor, and the ultrasonic mist chip every month and before storage. Clean it more often for heavy/frequent use. Clean every week for every day of use. Failure to clean the device properly would result in clogging the diffusion screen and staining the water bottle. Damage to the machine will arise, and you will void the manufacturer’s warranty. Any essential oils, such as orange or vetiver, can affect the plastic discoloration of the cup. Keep in mind that this doesn’t affect diffusion, but to keep your diffuser looking fresh, clean the bowl more often if you use dark-colored oils.

The Bottom Line

An essential oil diffuser will help to brighten up the day, focus your mind, or keep you humming at work. Don’t you think this wonderful little gadget deserves a little love in return? By keeping it clean, you ensure the continued benefits of essential oils and their diffuser’s long life. 

Suppose you are using a premium essential oil diffuser for your salon or only a compact fan diffuser for your home or office. In that case, careful care will help ensure uninterrupted aromatherapy for you or your clients. If you have any concerns about preserving your essential oil diffuser-or just about essential oils in general-you can still reach out to one of our friendly customer service members.

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